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Like a battleship, I was made on the Marinship of Sausalito. Being raised on the waterfront

along with some years spent in the foothills of the Sierras, shaped how I view my surroundings

and my artistic life. The very nature of the landscape was an artistic backdrop. Giant

paddlewheel ferryboats and post war vessels abandoned on the shoreline to decay.

I find beauty in discarded objects that erode and patina over time. Many artists converted

these vessels into houseboats with very creative architecture. This was my playground and has

become my palette.

My work spans across many mediums. From paper mache hats worn by the likes of Shock G

from Digital Underground and David Boyce of the San Francisco based, Brown Fellini’s; to

structural pieces that combine found objects, collage, rusted historical relics from the shipyard,

organic materials found in nature, and functional sculptures. My oil paintings and collage are a

combination of some figurative work and now moving into expressive and movement based

styles that rely heavily on rich textures with vibrant cadmium color schemes.

I up cycle, producing art that is laden with materials from the demographic I was born into. It

relays an aspect of mystery that life has to offer. How did this object get here, what era is it

from and how did it end up in this form? To me, one of the most thrilling things about being an

artist and being alive are the unexpected turns that life can take. I strive to capture that

experience through my work. Owning a piece of my art, is like owning a piece of the heritage

and history of Sausalito seen through the eyes of a native born and raised on her shore.



Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

Creative expression is at the core of who I am and vital to my well-being. I also find it endlessly fascinating to witness the creativity of others! How that manifests is as unique and extraordinary as the person who imagined it into existence. Vibe gallery is a culmination of my life-long artistic endeavors and experiences. It’s a place for live connection, beautiful visuals, unique artistic experiences and storytelling through art. I look forward to meeting you, whether you are an artist, art enthusiast, or simply want to stop by and share the surrounding creative vibes with us!

My kids are my greatest inspiration and the loves of my life! Now that they are are independent adults, I have more time to pursue my other passion, creating art. My latest artistic endeavor comes in the form of large kaleidoscope style photo collages that tell wordless stories. I call them KaleidaStars, as they are like looking inside a personally designed kaleidoscope that includes many star shapes.

My first star began as a memorial piece honoring my son Aaron who died at age 20. He was a graffiti artist, so I combined his art, my art, and photos of him. I have since continued inventing new techniques and have expanded to represent images of street art, flowers, my travels, memorials, and anything I find to be beautiful or that piques my interest. Hand-crafted, each collage uses techniques learned from years of creating mandalas, altars, quilts, designs, drawings, scrapbooking and photography. They are symbolic of my journey from loss to healing by being able to put broken pieces back together again to form something new, colorful, adventuresome and meaningful.

Please visit my website, to see photos of my work and for more information.

Art, as in life, is fluid and ever changing. There is no end to the limitless possibilities!

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I grew up in the New York City projects. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been drawn to the arts which served as a distraction from my challenging life circumstances. My curiosity spanned from sewing, to cooking to dancing. As a young adult, I found myself in the jungles of Costa Rica. It was there, under the canopy of trees, with wildness all around, that I made a commitment to learn how to draw. During that exploration, I developed a personal style that I still call upon today. After many twists and turns, I studied painting at Sonoma State, where my skills became more finely tuned. I was chosen to show my painting, El Cubano, at SSU's end of the year, juried art show. The same painting won Best in Class at the National Arts Program in Santa Rosa in 2016. I also won Best in Show the following year at the National Arts Program for my drawing, Wisdom and Roots and through that was invited to do a solo exhibition for The City of Santa Rosa. 

Becoming a mother to my beautiful son grounded me in time and place so that I can do a collection of work. My figures, almost exclusively women, hang in space in a fantastical world that I tend to spend a lot of time imagining myself in. As a child, I visited that world often and it’s always given me solace. Today, I’ve come full circle and work in variety of mediums, all of which satisfy my incessant need to create. Being stuck at home during the pandemic, I embarked on yet another pursuit. I started designing leather and fringed beaded earrings that feel like a calling from my ancestors. My earrings, drawings, and work in general very much reflect my inner process as a person, but primarily as a woman of color. It took me a long time to feel comfortable sharing myself with others and I appreciate the encouragement I’ve received from friends and family who believe in me. It’s heartening to see people enjoy and relate to what I create as this is my hope and intention. 



I was born in San Francisco, and grew up in Mill Valley, surrounded by a community of artists, musicians, writers, teachers, and activists. I am married to Lewis Usher who is originally from Belize, C.A. , and who also comes from a family of artists and musicians. We have three children and one grandchild who we adore.

Creative expression has always been an intrinsic part of my life. I have organized and hosted events, music concerts, art activities, dance parties, and youth sports activities for family, friends, and the greater community.  I look forward to combining my skills as an organizer, art promoter, and GM of our family business with my passion for bringing creative and cultural experiences to the community.  I am equally excited to share my family’s art, music, and other creative endeavors with others through VIBE Gallery.

My mom, Jacki Fromer, is a life-long, versatile artist who will be one of the primary group of artists exhibiting work at VIBE Gallery.  My dad, Dave Fromer, is the Owner & Director of Dave Fromer Soccer. He has coached thousands of children and adults in the Bay Area over the past 40+ years. He is also a musician and guitar teacher who has taught music in pre-schools and elementary schools and has led sing-a-longs at many community events. We are excited to bring his talents to the community at VIBE events, along with my brother, Reed Fromer, who is a singer songwriter and has been the leader of a popular R&B dance band for over 20 years.  In addition, Reed is the author of a new novel- Race Track: The Blind Spot of Privilege.  

It with great enthusiasm and pleasure that I seek to share my life-long passion of bringing people together through the arts. Whether you are an artist, an art enthusiast, community member… or just passing through town, I look forward to meeting and connecting with you! 




From my early childhood I have loved to draw, paint, and explore a variety of crafts.  I studied art at San Francisco City College, San Francisco State College, Roosevelt University in Chicago, and California College of Arts and Crafts. I’ve taught arts and craft classes to children and adults and developed and led many workshops for early childhood educators which emphasize free expression and experimentation. The recurring theme in my work is interconnectedness. 

I have been married to Dave Fromer for 54 years. We are immensely grateful for our close, loving, and creative family – our son, Reed, daughter, Rachel, our magnificent grandchildren, great grandchildren, and extended family and friends.



I was raised in Gate 6 at Waldo Point Harbor on the Sausalito waterfront. At a young age, I was fascinated by classic cartoons, graphic novels, and anime. During my teen years, I started to read Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s comic books, Wendy Pini of “Elf-quest”, Tite Kubo “Bleach” manga and “Saga” by Fiona Staples. I never stopped pursuing my curiosity and passion for these genres which inspired me to learn how to draw. Eventually, my ideas evolved, as did the creation of my own characters. I approached my detailed sketches and characters with a sense of imagination while also being inspired by legendary artists and their achievements. I eventually started to write stories, built on hours of research, to accompany my art work and to bring the visual culture of fantasy and sci-fiction to life. My work appeals to many people but I am particularly excited to bring wonder into the minds of children. My exquisitely detailed drawings are made with the simplest of materials including sharpies, elephant ink, and markers that transform a blank piece of paper. I’m excited to share the complex worlds I create with the public. 


"Photography is a love affair with life"​

Growing up in a small isolated, semi-desert town in central California, I yearned for the lush landscapes only visited or seen in picture. After a career in graphic design, I began to delight in capturing the surrounding beauty of my home in Marin County... The thrill of transmitting that beauty through images for others to experience was intoxicating. Now, years later, my passion has only intensified.. *Jill passed away in October of 2020 but the beauty of her photographs will live on forever. We are honored to be able to share a collection of her work at VIBE!


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