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  • What is the criteria for acceptance?
    We welcome all original art submissions, with an emphasis on urban, diverse, socially relevant, and unique art created by established and emerging artists. Here are the qualities we look for: Originality and creativity Uniqueness Socially relevant Craftsmanship Visually appealing and aesthetics Design and composition Marketability Price point Technical skill Compatible with current art Respectful Wow factor! For Books in particular: Willing to do a book reading and author signing Signed books preferred but not mandatory Author to provide books and/or purchase info to Vibe Gallery Books will be sold at market value
  • After submission, what should I know?
    The artwork chosen will be determined by size and available space. ​ Artwork, Books, and Gift Shop items will be contracted and re-evaluated every 3 months. If discontinued, items will need to be removed from VIBE Gallery within one week.
  • What preparations are needed for display?
    All hanging artwork needs to have a secure wire attached to the back which will be hidden from view when placed on the wall. If special display options are required, or if you prefer using your own displays, VIBE owners must be notified at time of acceptance for approval. If the artist wishes to sell prints, they must adhere to the following: Artist must provide us with their own purchased prints Print quality must be approved by VIBE Gallery and be archival. The price of the print should reflect the 60/40 split plus the print costs. Greeting cards (if desired) will be printed and packaged by VIBE Gallery. The artist will get $2.50 per card when sold. Drop off and set up will be Tuesday – Friday, times to be arranged in contract. Take down date and time to be arranged with VIBE Gallery.
  • What are the guidelines for a featured exhibition?
    Show needs to be titled. Individualized poster will be created for featured guest artist. Vibe will print and reproduce. Artist will send graphic ready material electronically to Vibe. Artist will set up own show with VIBE Gallery owner’s discretion and approval. We will provide tools and hooks for hanging. The majority of artwork should be hung at or above eye level. 5 – 6 feet. 58”– 60” is typical eye level for wall art. Artist will provide information and brief description of each piece and designated retail price. Descriptions and titles should be electronically provided to Vibe Gallery and will be printed by VIBE Gallery. Artist Reception will be held on the first weekend following the Monday of instillation. Time and day to be determined by the schedules of VIBE Gallery, the artist, and community events. Artist will prepare a brief talk for the Artist Reception. VIBE Gallery will provide refreshments. Exhibition artist to be rotated every 4-6 weeks depending on scheduling. A contract agreement between artist and VIBE Gallery needs to be signed prior to set-up. Publicity will be provided by VIBE Gallery to include but not limited to: Instagram Facebook Argus (local newspaper) Press Democrat Petaluma Downtown Association Aqus weekly newsletter Local gallery newsletters Distribution of postcards and posters. Sharable versions will be provided to artists.
  • How are sales handled?
    CONSIGNMENT SALES. VIBE Gallery is operated on consignment. VIBE Gallery will retain a 50% commission fee from artists for work that is sold in “or through” the gallery. Artists are responsible for determining the price of the work and should factor the commission rate into the final selling prices. PAYMENT. Payment to the artist will go out on the 15th of the current month for all work sold during the previous month. A list of items sold will be attached to the paycheck. NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE. All sales are final; however, requests for refunds may be considered at the discretion of VIBE Gallery. THEFT OR BREAKAGE. Every effort is made to keep work safe while in our care, therefore, VIBE Gallery does insure consigned gallery items and takes responsibility for the loss or damage to that item unless the item in damaged by the artist while in the gallery. We also recommend insuring your work.
  • What are the inventory guidelines?
    ARTIST INVENTORY. Artists must submit a detailed inventory form with all new artwork, provided by VIBE Gallery on our website. In the event of special exhibitions, artist’s inventory will remain in VIBE Gallery until the end of the exhibition. STORAGE. Any artist’s work not picked up at the end of the show will be stored at VIBE Gallery for a period of one (1) week. If at the end of that time the artist has not picked up their work and has not provided any notice, the item(s) will become the property of VIBE Gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions

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