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May 23, 2022


Jul 17, 2022


Orin Carpenter

Incandescence is just a small token of appreciation to all the women who have graced my life and shared so many treasures with me throughout my years. When thinking about the focal point of this exhibit, I knew I wanted to pay homage to women and their struggles. The word Incandescence is the word I chose for this art exhibit because it encapsulated what I visually wanted to communicate in my celebration of the life of women. Incandescence symbolizes a strong light that radiates due to its power.

This title signifies the light that women carry within and so graciously shares with the world. Regardless of the trauma, pain, and suffering women experience in their lives they are a beacon of strength, compassion, wisdom, and courage in a world that continues to try and dismantle the true power they possess. My determination to show the commonality of women, regardless of their culture, ethnicity, or age was key in creating this series, so I want to reveal a few elements that are significant in each of these pieces.

The necessity to display the outer grace women carry while showing their inner turmoil through the historical struggles over time had to be pivotal in each piece created. The barbed wire that crosses their bosom (heart) where their power, strength, and compassion resides visually depicts the constant barriers that are in place physically and mentally for women on their journey of self discovery. The tribute to their poise was chosen by the posture I selected to be a foundation for their external beauty. Accompanying their poise is the depth within their eyes that signifies the pain yet determination to press onward while celebrating their journey to move forward regardless of their wounds and scars. These wounds and scars are depicted by surrounding them with flowers that represent different characteristics women share not necessarily tied to their culture or beliefs but solely their achievement of life.

Last, the stained background is to show another element of struggle that surrounds them as a halo of an unperfect life which centers the woman throughout her story. Even though every culture of woman is not portrayed within this series, I hope these works share my respect for all women of this world.

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