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Feb 7, 2023


Apr 2, 2023

Deeper Moments

Mark Jaeger

Mark Jaeger was born and raised in Marin County. He spent his childhood and young adult years deep in the hills and forests around his faily home in San Geronimo. This constant immersion and exposure to nature had a profound impact on Mark’s perspective as a young man and continues to shape his passion and work as a professional.

Mark studied Art at UCDavis under the guidance of renowned artists Annabeth Rosen and Wayne Thiebaud. Mark has taught Ceramics in both Massachusetts and Sacramento before returning to Marin to teach at his alma mater, Marin Catholic, where he has been teaching Ceramics for the past 17 years. Mark’s work has been exhibited and collected both regionally and internationally and has been featured broadly in national publications.

Mark now lives and works in Marin with his wife Sally, his son Desmond, and his daughter Alice.

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