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Sep 17, 2021


Nov 1, 2021

Día de Los Muertos

Peter Perez

“Embracing death gives more meaning to life… and embracing life gives more meaning to death.” - Peter Perez

It was December of 1999 when I tossed my life in the air and returned to California after more than four exciting decades in the advertising and design world in Manhattan and New England.

When I first got involved with El Dia de Los Muertos in Petaluma, CA, little did I realize that it would begin an art project that has lasted for 21 years and continues to grow and expand each year. The Day of the Dead celebrations awaken deep personal roots that long ago been lost and forgotten; Spanish, my first language, and a connection to my native culture that had been erased at an early age.This re-discovery put me on a path to once again re-invent myself, return to my roots and an idea that this important cultural tradition could become a national event. A Celebration of Life that speaks to all cultures and touches everyone.

In these past two decades the Day of the Dead has created another chapter in my growth as an artist, and an opportunity to paint and explore the life of the dead with Solo shows, group exhibits, and curator for fiestas, art and altar exhibitions. I have been honored to Curate for The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco; Oakland, CA, the largest celebration in the nation; Anaheim, CA for three years, Burlington, VT and continue to be involved with the San Francisco Bay, Sonoma County and Central Valley area communities.

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