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Rachel Usher

I was born in San Francisco, and grew up in Mill Valley, surrounded by a community of artists, musicians, writers, teachers, and activists. I am married to Lewis Usher who is originally from Belize, C.A. , and who also comes from a family of artists and musicians. We have three children and one grandchild who we adore.

Creative expression has always been an intrinsic part of my life. I have organized and hosted events, music concerts, art activities, dance parties, and youth sports activities for family, friends, and the greater community. I look forward to combining my skills as an organizer, art promoter, and GM of our family business with my passion for bringing creative and cultural experiences to the community. I am equally excited to share my family’s art, music, and other creative endeavors with others through VIBE Gallery.

My mom, Jacki Fromer, is a life-long, versatile artist who will be one of the primary group of artists exhibiting work at VIBE Gallery. My dad, Dave Fromer, is the Owner & Director of Dave Fromer Soccer. He has coached thousands of children and adults in the Bay Area over the past 40+ years. He is also a musician and guitar teacher who has taught music in pre-schools and elementary schools and has led sing-a-longs at many community events. We are excited to bring his talents to the community at VIBE events, along with my brother, Reed Fromer, who is a singer songwriter and has been the leader of a popular R&B dance band for over 20 years. In addition, Reed is the author of a new novel- Race Track: The Blind Spot of Privilege.

It with great enthusiasm and pleasure that I seek to share my life-long passion of bringing people together through the arts. Whether you are an artist, an art enthusiast, community member… or just passing through town, I look forward to meeting and connecting with you!

Rachel Usher

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