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Maude Bradley

Like a battleship, I was made on the Marinship of Sausalito. Being raised on the waterfront along with some years spent in the foothills of the Sierras, shaped how I view my surroundings and my artistic life. The very nature of the landscape was an artistic backdrop. Giant paddlewheel ferryboats and post war vessels abandoned on the shoreline to decay. I find beauty in discarded objects that erode and patina over time. Many artists converted these vessels into houseboats with very creative architecture. This was my playground and has become my palette.

My work spans across many mediums. From paper mache hats worn by the likes of Shock G from Digital Underground and David Boyce of the San Francisco based, Brown Fellini’s; to structural pieces that combine found objects, collage, rusted historical relics from the shipyard, organic materials found in nature, and functional sculptures. My oil paintings and collage are a combination of some figurative work and now moving into expressive and movement based styles that rely heavily on rich textures with vibrant cadmium color schemes.

I up cycle, producing art that is laden with materials from the demographic I was born into. It relays an aspect of mystery that life has to offer. How did this object get here, what era is it from and how did it end up in this form? To me, one of the most thrilling things about being an artist and being alive are the unexpected turns that life can take. I strive to capture that experience through my work. Owning a piece of my art, is like owning a piece of the heritage and history of Sausalito seen through the eyes of a native born and raised on her shore.

Maude Bradley

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