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Margo Gallagher

Creative expression is at the core of who I am and vital to my well-being. I also find it endlessly fascinating to witness the creativity of others! How that manifests is as unique and extraordinary as the person who imagined it into existence. Vibe gallery is a culmination of my life-long artistic endeavors and experiences. It’s a place for live connection, beautiful visuals, unique artistic experiences and storytelling through art. I look forward to meeting you, whether you are an artist, art enthusiast, or simply want to stop by and share the surrounding creative vibes with us!

My kids are my greatest inspiration and the loves of my life! Now that they are are independent adults, I have more time to pursue my other passion, creating art. My latest artistic endeavor comes in the form of large kaleidoscope style photo collages that tell wordless stories. I call them KaleidaStars, as they are like looking inside a personally designed kaleidoscope that includes many star shapes.

My first star began as a memorial piece honoring my son Aaron who died at age 20. He was a graffiti artist, so I combined his art, my art, and photos of him. I have since continued inventing new techniques and have expanded to represent images of street art, flowers, my travels, memorials, and anything I find to be beautiful or that piques my interest. Hand-crafted, each collage uses techniques learned from years of creating mandalas, altars, quilts, designs, drawings, scrapbooking and photography. They are symbolic of my journey from loss to healing by being able to put broken pieces back together again to form something new, colorful, adventuresome and meaningful.

Art, as in life, is fluid and ever changing. There is no end to the limitless possibilities!

Margo Gallagher

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