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Ella Bradley

I was raised in Gate 6 at Waldo Point Harbor on the Sausalito waterfront. At a young age, I was fascinated by classic cartoons, graphic novels, and anime. During my teen years, I started to read Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s comic books, Wendy Pini of “Elf-quest”, Tite Kubo “Bleach” manga and “Saga” by Fiona Staples. I never stopped pursuing my curiosity and passion for these genres which inspired me to learn how to draw.

Eventually, my ideas evolved, as did the creation of my own characters. I approached my detailed sketches and characters with a sense of imagination while also being inspired by legendary artists and their achievements. I eventually started to write stories, built on hours of research, to accompany my art work and to bring the visual culture of fantasy and sci-fiction to life.

My work appeals to many people but I am particularly excited to bring wonder into the minds of children. My exquisitely detailed drawings are made with the simplest of materials including sharpies, elephant ink, and markers that transform a blank piece of paper. I’m excited to share the complex worlds I create with the public.

Ella Bradley

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